Condition Options

When adding a product to your cart, you may have stumbled across a product that contains different options. Here is a list of all the options along with a description of what you would expect to receive from that option. We do this specifically for collectors and for people who care about the condition of the item. We try our best to be transparent and honest to our customers. 

New: Item is brand new sealed.

Broken Seal: There is a tear in the seal however product is brand new.

No Seal: The item is brand new however there is no seal anymore.

Open Box: The item's packaging and box has been opened, however the contents inside is new. (this option is mainly for video games, toys, etc. *Not for trading cards)

Zero / Minimal Wear: There may or may not be some light creasing on the box, small dents/scrapping along the edges of the box, and/or scratching.

Moderate / Heavy Wear: There is damage/wear to the box. There might be dents, heavy scratching, cracks/damage to the plastic window, and/or creasing to the box.

*We will never sell you items where the contents inside the box are visually compromised/damaged. Condition applies to only the original outside packaging. This is for collectors or for people who are picky when it comes to condition.

Trading Card Singles Condition Description

Mint / Near Mint: Cards display minimal or no wear or damage. They appear “fresh out of the pack.” Other than minor chipping, indentation, or scratches, the card shows no moderate or major signs of damage. These cards may be “never played” cards.

Lightly Played (LP): Lightly played condition cards have clearly visible signs of wear. These cards have rough edges, moderate chipping, minor discoloration, minor indentation, fuzzy corners, or noticeable scratches.

Moderately Played (MP): Moderately played condition cards show moderate-to-heavy damage all over the card. These cards have a moderate amount of discoloration, chipping, indentation, creases, or scratches. There may also be a slight paper loss.

Heavily Played (HP): A heavily played condition card is extremely worn or missing corners. These cards display flaws like torn edges, extreme discoloration, multiple major scratches, multiple creases, or stains.